Looking for volunteer work?

The Niceville Exchange Club wants you!

The oldest service organization exclusively in the United StatesThe National Exchange Club provides individuals with opportunities to use their time and talents to benefit their local communities and the country as a whole.

We stand for
Promoting Americanism Running Youth Programs Serving the Community
as well as Child Abuse Prevention.

We are always looking for passionate volunteers to serve in The Exchange!

You decide how and when to contribute!

  • We run optional meetings because we know your time is valuable.
  • Each project and event is completely voluntary.
  • Volunteer opportunities are staffed in shifts to work around your schedule.
  • Help when convenient for you: before, during, or after events.

Volunteers like you make it possible for us to help the community!

Niceville Exchange Club is your service organization.

Develop the skills you have


Develop advertising messages for recruitment.


Plan and organize quick setups and teardowns.


Find and explore fundraising opportunities.


Publish club news on social media platforms.


Increase club recognition in the community.

Program Management

Streamline and optimize club functions.

Public Relations

Design strategies for spreading awareness.


Create media to showcase projects and events.


Discover community service needs in our area.

Service and Food

Ensure event visitors are accomodated nicely.

Software Development

Create and maintain tools to serve the club.

Teaching and Education

Inform the community on issues we support.

Gain the skills you want


Inspire others to serve their community.


Work together towards a common goal.


Study the art of getting things done.


Learn how others approach solving issues.


Train yourself to balance priorities.


Practice sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Have an idea for a community service project?

We'll help you fund and staff it!

We're here to help you put your community service idea into action! If you see the need for a food drive, a road cleanup, or even a bake sale for a local charity, Niceville Exchange Club is here for you!

There is something for everyone!