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We aim to exchange ideas with like minded people to make the community a better place live.  Our mission is accomplished through The Four Pillars of Exchange: Americanism, Community Service, Youth Programs, and our National Project: Child Abuse Prevention.

If you would like to learn more, visit the official National Exchange Club website.


The Exchange Club of Niceville is part of the National Exchange Club, and has been active for 30 years.

Here are some well known Exchangites from across the country and throughout Exchange Club history:
  • Former President George H.W. Bush
  • Former President Calvin Coolidge
  • Former President Warren G. Harding
  • Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Former President Harry Truman
  • Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd
  • Chief Justice Earl Warren
  • Aviator Orville Wright
  • Aviator James “Jimmy” Doolittle
  • Aviator Amelia Earhart
  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale